In 1935, restaurant owner Gus Poulos created his first batch of homemade ice cream that was far richer and more satisfying than any other in that era, anywhere in Chicago. Word traveled fast about the quality of Homer's Ice Cream.

Its humble beginnings as a two-table ice cream parlor did not last long. Soon people from all around, up and down Chicago's North Shore came to Homer's. In fact, Homers Wilmette Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, located at 1237 Green Bay road in Wilmette, IL is the original location.
Legend has it Al Capone, having a lakefront house in nearby Glencoe, was a frequent visitor and most appreciative customer. Al Capone spent many hours in the Wilmette location and always had an unusual entourage. He was one of Gus' most pleasant customers.

Gus' two sons, Steve and Dean, who grew up in Wilmette, continue to carry on their father's devotion to providing the finest quality ice creams and toppings to their customers. They still make ice creams the old-fashioned way: thick, heavy, and so very delicious.

Today, many prominent dignitaries and entertainment stars religiously request varieties of Homer's Ice Creams sent to hotel suites, private homes, and assorted entourages when in Chicago.

Transplanted Chicagoans, as well as out of town visitors, continue to request Homer's overnight wherever they are. Homer's has been shipping overnight ice creams for years. Homer's would love to ship pints to you.


We strive to create incredible homemade ice creams that taste as good as they look. We mix and match unusual combinations so that every scoop that we serve meets your highest ice cream expectations. 


Homer's has been producing homemade ice cream for more than 80 years. With that kind of experience, we understand what it takes to develop a high-quality and savory ice cream. Critics and readers of Chicago Magazine and Bon Appetite, as well as judges from the American Tasting Institute, have awarded Homer's ice cream numerous accolades. By using fresh and natural ingredients for our ice creams, and by still using the original recipe created by Gus Poulos in 1935, we make our ice cream with care.

We believe that is why people continue to appreciate our products, and that is why our Superpremium Ice Creams have been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence.

It's extremely satisfying to know that our innovative and delicious flavors are appreciated by so many people. Our thanks to everyone who has tasted Homer's ice cream. Evidently, taking the time to make a quality ice cream with our traditional family recipe has worked.

"Number one ice cream"
-Pioneer Press
"Best in Chicago"
-Chicago Magazine

"Best of North Shore"
-North Shore Magazine

"Top Ten in the country"
-Bon Appetit

"Finest in the Nation"
-American Tasting Institute
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