The secret to making a good ice cream is recognizing the importance of flavor and the necessity of using fresh and natural ingredients. At Homer's, we believe in creating the finest ice cream possible. With our original family recipe, our ice creams use no artificial ingredients, thereby creating a smooth irresistible flavor. Since we use a higher concentration of butterfat, our ice cream even weighs more than a commercial alternative, offering more pure ice cream for your spending dollar.

All natural, quality ingredients such as Madagascar Bourban Vanilla, Cocoas from Holland, Kona Coffee, Fresh Fruits and Berries from the Pacific Northwest, Georgia Peaches, Oreo Cookies®, Bordeaux Cherries form France, Baily's® Irish Cream, and others, create distinctive and enticing flavors

Homer's high butterfat content, 14%, creates a smooth and indulgent Superpremium product.

Low overrun, 19 lbs. per can gross weight, guarantees that you will increase your average yield versus other commercial brands of Non-Superpremium Ice Creams.

Dimensions of a 3-gallon can equal 9 13/16" diameter and a 10 ¼" height. Cans are shipped at 120 cans per pallet.

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